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The new runescape minigame where you are shipped into an imaginary world

1 Woche 12 Stunden her #95004 von nfkjasfas
nfkjasfas erstellte das Thema The new runescape minigame where you are shipped into an imaginary world
It's all very good and well. The problem is when you mix selling spins to earn real money, you also give the opportunity to win skill lamps in exchange for a common reward RS 2007 Items . Further, what's especially infuriating is the insanity. Jagex shouts bloody murder whenever people engage in RWT but they're running their own RWT scheme.

Yes, I did read OP. However, I did add another slant while answering the key question. If this list of bullet points was accurate do you think the SoF should close down/be replaced? Unfortunately for Jagex they're fighting (@ least) three strikes in an extremely competitive and constantly changing business;

A classic (10plus years old) game that, despite frequent updates & modifications over the years, is still considered a classic and is not the "next big trend" (like MOH & Counterstrike there are still plenty of players, but not frequently maintained, apart from servers that typically are the responsibility of players).

There is a strong bias among gamers against Runescape being "a kiddies/starter MMORPG". This is based on point 1. It has received regular updates and maintenance over the years Cheap OSRS Fire Cape . But, a lot of people won't look at the reasons they believe this to be true.

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